The City of New Roads requires the organizers of events held inside the city to apply for and receive a special event permit for most types of events held in the city.

Among the events required to have permits issued by the city are fishing tournaments, triathlons, paddleboard events and trail rides or any other event that requires a city sidewalk or street to be closed to the public.

Permits are also required for an alcohol permit—whether for a permanent establishment or for the sale of alcohol at a special event—for vendors at any of the city’s parades and burn permits are required by anyone planning to burn any waste material in the city.

The application will require a contact name and organization, contact information and event information, including its name, the date and hours, location and the type of event as well as a description of its activities.

The City of New Roads also requires applicants to inform it if there will be city police officers or firefighters on hand for the event and if food is to be sold, the type of food and beverages that will be available must also be reported.

For more information or to receive an event application, contact Whitney Warr at (225) 638-5360, ext. 204, or by email,


City of New Roads

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