16th Annual 

Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program

Established in 2004 MSYEP Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program for local youth residing in city service areas. Founded by Mayor Sylvester Muckelroy, this is the 16th year the city has successfully sponsored the youth program.

This year Mayor Cornell Dukes, increased the hourly wage from $7.25 to $10.00. He revamped the program an introduced additional education and experiences such as a Meet & Greet Breakfast with the Parish’s Political figures Sheriff Bud Torres and Jeremey LaCombe State Representative District 18. Special guest speakers from Acadian Ambulance, Etiquette Course at the Scott Civic Center and an exceptional field trip to The Bluff’s Golf Course in St. Francisville, La. The program is concluded with a grand field trip to the City of New Orleans.

Giving local youth Ages 14-17 an opportunity for growth, education, summer employment earning an honest wage, develop skills and talents to benefit the city as a whole. In 2004 the first MSYEP successfully held 15 students. In 2019 the program held 25 participants and 413 student to date with no repeat students each year. Employment period is a 6 week program with 20 hr work work week. Students Requirements consist of 2.5 GPA and must reside within the city service area.

Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program 2019

Mayor Cornell Dukes

Coordinator: Lynette H. Nelson, 

City of New Roads 


Grants Manager

Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program


CNR- City Hall

CNR- Civic Center

CNR- Police Department

CNR- Public Works

HOPE Ministries, Inc

P.C. Enrichment Center

P.C. Fire District #5

P.C. Home Health & Hospice

P.C. Parish Community Advancement

P.C. Parish Council on Aging

P.C. Parish School Board

Rosenwald Elementary





City of New Roads

211 West Main St.



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