Those who exhausted personal finances or lost food due to power outage
during Hurricane Delta will be able to replenish their food supplies Tuesday,
October 13th in New Roads.

Thousands of boxes of food including produce, meat, and a variety of other
products will be available for pick-up across from City Hall at 211 W. Main
Street, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. or while food supplies last.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has already created a financial burden for a
number of families and having to exhaust their finances due to the unknowing
of what may or may not occur during a hurricane can be mentally and
financially exhausting,” says Mayor Dukes. “No man is an island and no
family should have to go through hard times without support from a village.”
Social distancing and safety measures will be enforced. Drivers should
remain in their cars and are required to wear a mask. Volunteers will be
available to load boxes into the backseat or trunk of vehicles.

“To eat is a necessity,” explained Mayor Dukes. “We are trying to meet the
need of the community. Hopefully it provides some relief”.
This is New Roads second food give-away within the last thirty days.


City of New Roads

211 West Main St.



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